Revolutionizing Gambling Entertainment

Huge Potential

Mobile and online gambling are in their infancy. In 2012, mobile gambling was a $7 billion industry. Juniper Research believes the industry is on track to reach $100 billion in 2017. Furywing is positioned to be a vital part of this increase with technology and partnerships we are creating to allow normal game developers access to real money gambling outlets for their skill based mobile games.

The United Kingdom is the most progressive online gambling country. There are many other European countries making headway as well. The United States has begun passing legislation state by state with three states allowing online gambling this year, and many more expected next year.

More than just tech

We are also building our own games to lead the revolution. Our first title is a game called Sugar Bliss that takes the tried, successful realm of slot machines in a new direction. While playing the slot machine the player is introduced to a crafting mechanic to easily introduce a typical slot player to a new way of digital entertainment. We have plans to develop deeper games and experiences.

Crafting and collecting is a basic mechanic of humanity. We all understand it and begin experiencing it in childhood. If you want to bake cookies it requires certain ingredients. We have added that to our game play in a logical way for players of all ages to enjoy.

Young & experienced

Furywing was founded with the hypothesis that casinos can be as exciting as arcades were in the 1980′s through 2000. It’s no lie that casinos are making money, but what happens when the audience that attributes to 95% of their gaming revenue disappears? An entire industry will struggle. We are aware that young gamblers are not interested in the games that make the casinos money. That’s what we are fixing.

The Cosmopolitan is facing the young gambler dilemma head on. Even though they are a popular destination on the strip, they are in the red because of low gaming revenue. James Bond didn’t play slots, he played table games. Young players want to be social and engage with the mechanics of the game. Check out this great article about the Cosmo.

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